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Young and full of passion, Alessandra Conti is an 18 year old singer, composer, guitarist, and writer who is fresh to the D.C. Music Scene. A city girl who grew up in a small town, Alessandra and was lucky enough to escape frequently to perform and experience life in New York City. She has performed on MTV’s TRL: “I Wanna Be a Rock Star” segment and was a “Viewer Host” (Celebrity Interviewer) for a brand new show on MTV. Seen on VH1, The Oxygen Network, and of course MTV, Alessandra is on her way to establish herself as a personality and musician in the industry. She recently recorded with Ben Folds, and will be featured on his upcoming album with her acapella group, “Treble in Paradise”. She will be opening for Ben Folds at his upcoming concert in Baltimore. Alessandra has also been featured in Seventeen Magazine and has walked the runway for Teen People Magazine’s Model Search. A very strong beginning to a very promising career.

Now a Freshman at American University in Washington, D.C. Alessandra is studying Communications: Broadcast Journalism and Marketing. Young, vivacious, talented and excited to hit the scene, Alessandra is just beginning her career in the indie-town DC making her official live debut this weekend!

Alessandra’s newest single “Empty Words”:
Alessandra’s music on MixMatchMusic: Artist Spotlight: The Dance Party (“Sasha Don’t Sleep”)


Sasha Don’t Sleep” is a track off of The Dance Party’s new tour EP titled “Tiger” coming out this Spring. They’re one of DC’s mega cool indie bands and also becoming a staple in the New York rock scene. Their gigs may be spreading across America but when The Dance Party puts on a show on at home, DC doesn’t sleep. A Dance Party show is a fun & exciting night of outta control rock and roll. You heard me. Check ’em out but be prepared for the addiction.

The Dance Party is a high-energy rock group from Washington, DC. With a sound that combines Dance-Punk, 80’s New Wave, and Powerpop, The Dance Party created a buzz throughout DC and the Mid-Atlantic with their frenetic live performance and hook-laden debut album, “Friction! Friction! Friction!”

The Dance Party recently recorded 10 tracks with Andros Rodriguez at the helm (Justin Timberlake, Cobra Starship, !!!). With a host of shows booked and new songs yet to be released, the band is positioned for rock & roll domination.

The new material demonstrates the band’s strengths – undeniably catchy pop songs executed with an over-the-top delivery, guaranteed to cause the uncontrollable desire to throw caution to the wind and get radical on the dance floor.” – blurb taken from The Dance Party MySpace Music Page.

Mother F*cking Bill & Andrew Show


Two assholes with microphones or… Bill and Andrew. However you address them they’re a rather new underground podcast based out of DC and they’re funny as hell. They met about 4 years ago, hit it off and have been bickering at each other ever since. Bill and Andrew are in their second season of their podcast. In show 2.4 they unleashed a theme song contest hosted by MixMatchMusic’s Remix Wizard. The big prize?? Bragging rights and a nifty and very rare Bill and Andrew Show t-shirt. Observe…

Thanks to OnTapOnline for the picture!

Thanks to OnTapOnline for the picture!

Think you have what it takes to create a catchy theme song for the show? There are one of 2 ways you can participate.

1) If you have audio editing tools we suggest downloading the stems from the widget, mixing your own song and uploading it to Bill and Andrew’s “Theme Show Contest” widget. Take a listen to the songs already submitted to the “Theme Show Contest” on the front page of Bill and Andrew’s web site as well as on the front page of and the Remix Wizard gallery.

2) Go to Bill and Andrew’s profile on Check out their uploaded content. Add it to the MixMaker. Collaborate with other artists to make a theme song. Download it and upload the song to the contest widget. This is what I did. Check it out HERE.

Good luck… happy mixing!!

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To listen to my favorite episode with Paul “The Man on the Street.”

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