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I’ve always admired do-it-yourselfers, builders, creators…mainly because I am so not one.

Since he was a kid, my brother was a natural at working with his hands. One time, he got in trouble for stealing the garage opener and taking it apart. My sister and I exchanged evil glances as we reveled in the thought of how yelled at he would get. But once our parents realized he had used the parts to build a miniature hand-held fan, they were like Oh. Damn. Nice job! Now he’s an engineer for Caltrans, go figure.

Unlike him, the extent of my talent for making stuff (other than, say, assembling IKEA furniture) starts and ends with shapeless lumps of play-doh. Thus, I prefer to step aside and let those who possess such talent work their magic.

Take the Wah-Wah Boots for example:

Not to mention the this guy and his DrumPants:

What’s next, the Maraca Bra? Harmonica Scarf? My friends and I often discuss the potential awesomeness of the Steering Wheel Drum Kit, but we think there might be a few legal hurdles in the way.

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