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Remix HMD

Underground hip hop artist, HMD, who recently released his debut album One Pursuit, is known for his collaborations, having worked with the likes of Masta Ace, Wordsworth, R.A the Rugged Man, Reef the Lost Cauze, Baby Blak, and many others. Now he wants to work with you!

You can remix several of HMD’s tracks (“Mummers Beat Down”, “Old Records”, and “Imma Make It”) here. Click on any of the widgets by HMD, download the stems and remix in your own audio editing software OR use the online MixMaker. Once you upload your remix back to the widget, others can listen to, vote on, and share your remix. Check it out!

Besides having a knack for deftly arranging collaborations with other artists, HMD is also known for his sampling. Digging up dusty records and identifying old school sounds that blend magically with his beats gives him a unique sound. Apparently the guy is a master turntablist too. For more on One Pursuit, check out the review on Hip-Hop Linguistics.

As you may have noticed, Evolving Music has begun covering bands that use the Remix Wizard to engage their fans, starting with The Bayliens. Set up your own widget here and we may feature you on this blog.

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