Posts Tagged 'Trevor Simpson' Artist Spotlight: Enzyme Dynamite (“Girls” Trevor Simpson Remix)

enzamiawhitetigercappsdIf you read Evolving Music, you probably know that the Bayliens have been taking the Bay Area by storm this last year, and are currently inviting you to remix their single “Bubble Gum”. But, Enzyme Dynamite (1/3 of the Bayliens) is a man of many flavors. “Girls” features Enzyme leaving his familiar hip-hop roots and stepping into new territory: electro.

And, Enzyme handles it well. “Girls” is remixed by Energy 92.7’s Trevor Simpson, a master producer and DJ who lays down the necessary dirty synth and driving beats to make this song bang. This song will surely find its way in the your local dance club very soon. Listen/Download Girls here!

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