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Junior Reid

Hailing from Jamaica’s tough West Kingston Waterhouse district, Junior Reid has been a mainstay of reggae and dance hall music since the 70’s. Junior may be best known as the lead vocalist of Black Uhuru, taking over for Michael Rose in 1985; but in the last few years, he has been infiltrating the hip hop scene. Samples of Junior’s best known hit, “One Blood,” have appeared on the Wu-Tang Clan‘s 2000 album The W, and in The Game’s song “It’s Okay (One Blood).” Junior has also collaborated with Mims to create a remix of his hit “This Is Why I’m Hot.”

Junior’s latest solo album, Living Legend is set to be released October 27th of this year, on Bay Area’s ABB Records. To give you a little taste, he has made his new single, “Never Let You Go,” available through for you to listen to, download and share! After you’ve listened to it, be sure to say hello to Junior on Twitter. Artist Spotlight: Longwave (”Sideways Sideways Rain”)


New York born indie rock band, Longwave, was formed in 1999 by guitarist, songwriter and vocalist Steve Schiltz, guitarist Shannon Ferguson, bassist Dave Marchese and drummer Jeremy Greene. While some say their early music was influenced by shoegaze pioneers and post-punk icons, the current Longwave sound is very distinct, perhaps due to their numerous lineup changes over the years. Their most recent release, Secrets are Sinister, debued in November 2008 on Original Signal Recordings (the same label that supports the likes of Ingrid Michaelson and David Ford, whom we interviewed last year).

Longwave is now releasing a new single, “Sideways Sidesways Rain” exclusively on! Check it out here.

Controlled Substance Sound Labs Round-Up

controlled_substance_charcoal_biggerIt’s been a great day of new music releases on Twitter and everybody at MixMatchMusic would like to give a big shout out to the folks at Controlled Substance Sound Labs (label umbrella for Stoopid Records and Law Records) for making the launch a promotion to remember!

BUT… the music isn’t over yet, as you’ve still got a chance to grab the Controlled Substance tracks and share them with your friends. Check out the complete list of songs that were released today, and download them to your heart’s content.

To download a track, right click on its ‘Download’ link below and click “Save Link As…”

“Behind Closed Doors” by Fishbone
Stream it here:
“Too Much (straight board mix)” by Pepper
Stream it here:
“Set Me Off” by The Expendables
Stream it here:
“Closer to the Sun” by Slightly Stoopid
Stream it here:
“Under the Landslide” by Mat McHugh and The Blackbird
Stream it here:
“Feelin’ Alright” by Rebelution
Stream it here:
“Love 2 the DJ” by Sabotage Soundsystem
Stream it here:
“Season’s Change” by Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
Stream it here:

To download a track, right click on its ‘Download’ link above and click “Save Link As…” Artist Spotlight: Rebelution (“Feelin’ Alright Dub”)

rebelution_04_flatWelcome to the Rebelution experience! Rebelution has a roots-rock-reggae sound that would make Mr. Marley smile and the streets of Kingston dance. Feelin’ Alright Dub is a previously unreleased, fully dubbed out version of the track Feelin’ Alright from their album, Courage to Grow. Check it out here.

This Santa Barbara-based reggae quartet is on a mission to spread positivity, unity and awareness to any and all who will listen, and, lately, it seems as if the number of interested parties may never stop growing. Originally formed in 2004, the group consists of vocalist/guitarist Eric Rachmany, keyboardist Rory Carey, drummer Wesley Finley, and bassist Marley D. Williams. It was their mutual attendance of music classes at college in Santa Barbara that initially brought them together, and it was in this environment that the seeds of their successful future were planted.

“Courage To Grow” is an excellent album complete with crafty melodies, socially conscious lyrics and savvy musicianship. Whereas other SoCal reggae-infused groups such as Sublime and the Long Beach Dub All-Stars tend to be rock- or punk-based, Rebelution sticks much more strongly to a vintage “roots” reggae sound. The band is currently on their 2009 Winter Tour, so check them out when they hit your town! Rebelution is looking forward to a promising 2009 and the release of their second full length album.

Welcome to the Artist Spotlight!

To celebrate the launch of, a great selection of indie and emerging artists have come together to release new music using Throughout the day, new songs will be released on Twitter, with Evolving Music providing extra golden nuggets of information.

As part of the Artist Spotlight, MixMatchMusic has partnered with the forward-thinking folks over at Controlled Substance Sound Labs to release new music from Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution, the Expendables, Mat McHugh and the BlackBird, Fishbone, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, and Sabotage Soundsystem.

51198_2808_sourceControlled Substance Sound Labs was formed by brothers Jon and Matt Phillips as an artistic pipeline for the family of artists under Silverback Management. As a firm that has represented the vision and career direction on the management side, they have created a refreshing record label and distribution scenario that caters to the new “independent” minded landscape of the music business, and its changing climate. They have created a trustworthy scenario to release albums and own their own masters and copyrights, which as we all know, is not a practice commonly held by the major label behemoths currently in a steep decline both creatively and from a business standpoint.

Here is the full schedule of today’s Artist Spotlight. Get ready for some great music!

7:30AM: T. Mandrake — Honey
8:00AM: Dreamlin featuring Kim Powers — Fort Gaze
8:30AM: Angel Pier — Skullz and Xs
9:00AM: Throw Me the Statue — Ship
9:30AM: Trifonic — Gutter Box
10:00AM: Fishbone — Behind Closed Doors
11:00AM: Pepper — Too Much (Straight Board Mix)
12:00PM: The Expendables — Set Me Off
1:00PM: Slightly Stoopid — Closer to the Sun
2:00PM: Mat McHugh — Under the Landslide
3:00PM: Rebelution — Feelin’ Alright Dub
4:0PM: Sabotage Soundsystem — Love 2 the DJ
4:30PM: Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad — Season’s Change
5:00PM: BLVD — Vortex
5:30PM: Enzyme Dynamite — Girls
6:00PM: Radio Nowhere — London Calling
6:30PM: The Dance Party — Sasha, Don’t Sleep
7:00PM: Alessandra Conti — Empty Words

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