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While sports have always had a natural relationship to music (the organ playing during baseball games, the heart-pumping dance music in aerobics class, the Rocky theme song…), there seems to be a new trend emerging of combining music and athletic events. For example, there’s the Wanderlust Festival, coming up in July, which combines Rock ‘n’ Roll and yoga. This past weekend was the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. Somehow, fitness and music just go hand in hand. They both promote well-being and community. They bring us together to celebrate the human condition.

Today, thanks to lots of Twitter buzz, you may have noticed that it’s National Running Day… And, incidentally, National Fist Bump Day, which is all about “knockin’ knuckles for knchange.” It might just be the next great American holiday. Wondering about the origin of the First Bump? See below:

We can still give Obama most of the credit though…

In honor of National Running Day, get out there and go for a run today (even a jog around the block) to show your support for building a healthier, happier world. A world filled with music, sports, and respect.

Regular running too boring for you? Ever heard of free running? Here’s a good example:

Respek! (Thanks, Ali G.)

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