Posts Tagged 'London Calling' Artists Spotlight: Radio Nowhere (“London Calling”)

Radio Nowhere brings you fresh alt rock/pop sounds from Oakland, California. The band was started by Mike Baker, who writes all the songs, sings, plays guitar, and does “pretty much anything else that needs doing” for the band. Apparently, Mike writes most of his songs while he’s driving, on an ancient Casio keyboard bungee-corded to the passenger seat. This doesn’t seem safe, but we can’t complain.

As a youngster, Mike’s family would drive from the Bay Area to Idaho every summer, and his mom would make up stories to go along with what they were seeing along the highways. So, he got imprinted with the whole combination of music, empty roads and stories early on. This shows in his music. Take a listen to “London Calling” here (no not THAT London Calling, silly).


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