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Dancing with the Stars + Mark Ballas = Soft Porn

While Evolving Music is primarily focused on music, we do make the occasional foray into dance, because of its obvious direct relationship with music. For anyone who enjoys dancing or at least watching good dancers dance, there is some basic level of appeal to the show Dancing with the Stars. Some people watch it for the celebrities, some for the dancing, some for the judges, and some for the, uuuuuuh, mishaps?

Mark Ballas
rises to the occasion.

Lindy Hop is a solid dance. And watching the professional dancer and the gymnast (Shawn Johnson) perform their aerial-laden routine is rousing to be sure. But Dancing to the Stars owes Mark Ballas a big thank you for the boost in viewers they’ll surely get as a result of his 2 seconds of fame. TMZ dubbed it Pole Dancing with the Stars… Watch the whole routine below.

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