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Are Mommy Bloggers Into Music Tech?

Let’s take a moment to congratulate the two winners of our chicBuds Holiday Giveaway from last month, Jacqueline (read her chicBuds review here) and Michele (whose review is here). Enjoy your prizes ladies! And thanks to everyone else who participated in the contest.


Since Evolving Music typically focuses on topics like the schizophrenic music industry, emerging technology, social media, and artist reviews and interviews, it’s easy to make assumptions about our readership. Sure, anyone might stumble upon our blog and find a post that interests them, but you kind of picture the majority of the readers falling into certain categories like DIY musicians, other geeky music tech bloggers, people from the myspace generation…

As such, at first it was surprising to find that both our winners come from the mommy blogger demographic. Logically though it makes sense. They are everywhere! Mommy bloggers are fast becoming (if they haven’t already) one of the most influential groups online. Avid blog readers will recognize names like Dooce, queen bee of the mommy blogger tribes and one of the lucky few who actually makes a living doing it. With four million page views per month, you can easily picture the advertisers lining up with tongues all a drool. On the flip side, can you imagine the immense pressure of an audience that large? Millions of people hanging on your every written word? She is quite a lady.

With all their genuine commenting, link trading and sharing of emotions, mommy bloggers epitomize the power of social media. Naturally, this slice of society has tremendous influence when it comes to products and thus many mommy bloggers have become trusted sources for product reviews. “Marketers have just started to scratch the surface of this untapped medium,” according to Fahlgren. This phenomenon appears to be very much on the rise.

For those of us tooling about in music industry, the question is this: Are mommy bloggers into music tech? If they are, what kind of influence do they have in the space? And what does that mean for the other players in the field – the artists, the bloggers, the entrepreneurs, the fans, the record labels…? Should artists focus on recruiting and engaging fans in the mommy blogger demographic? Should music related companies target them as an audience for products and services?

Are there statistics out there that’ll tell us what these mommy blogger types are interested in? Because clearly it isn’t all discounts on diapers and parenting tips. Some of them are prolific writers with incredible pull in their circles of influence.

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