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Remix Delphic’s New Single “This Momentary”


We recently introduced you to the up and coming UK artist Delphic. You also had the chance to remix their song “Counterpoint.” Have a listen to some of the great remixes that were created OR give it a(nother) shot here.

Lucky for us, the Manchester boys have released another single called “This Momentary.” Check out this beautiful video for the song, shot by Dave Ma, which weaves together images shot in and around the Chernobyl area, documenting the place as it is now and portraying the lives of the people who still live there.

LA Friendly describes the song as “a subtly blissed out blast of euphoria that takes in both the crisp drive of minimal techno and the epic scope of bands like Muse or Radiohead to create something entirely their own and entirely new and beguiling.” Delphic wants to see what you can do with this song, so go get your remix on. It is chock full of pristine synth layers just begging to be picked apart and put back together. Really good stuff for remixing!

Delphic has loaded the stems to “This Momentary” into MixMatchMusic’s Remix Wizard, and has given you two options for making a remix: 1) You can download the stems for free and use any software you want; or 2) You can click on the MixMaker button on the widget to make a remix in MixMatchMusic’s simple online music editor. If you’ve never experienced remixing before, or just want to see how “The Momentary” was made, check out the MixMaker. Either way, make sure to you upload your remix to the widget so that others can listen to, vote on, and share it. We’ll pick our favorite remixes and feature them on Evolving Music!

Want more? Join the community, share your thoughts, and interact with other fans on their Facebook page. Want to see them live? Check their tour dates here.

Remix Delphic


Have you heard the driving electronic sounds of the band Delphic? If not, add them to your list of music to check out. Their band name was enough to pique my interest. Why the Greek reference? Why ambiguous or obscure? Why did they pick it…?

Then you hear their music and the intrigue grows. At times paying homage to fellow countrymen and musical pioneers, New Order, or other greats, and at times creating an experience completely their own, Delphic is poised to make some serious noise in the musical landscape of 2009. So, it seems, say the oracles of the dancefloor.

Also, the “forward-thinking, indie-rave” sound of the “best new band in Manchester” is now yours to remix! Yep, they’ve got a Remix Wizard for you to play with, so get to it. Check out the remixes done so far and/or make your own here!

The young band is releasing their single “Counterpoint” on Belgium’s R&S label. Though fairly new to the scene, they are already opening for the likes of Bloc Party and The Streets. Not bad for a band still in their musical diapers. Check out the “Counterpoint” video, which was produced by Ewan Pearson, who will be working with the Delphic boys on their debut album.

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