Christmakkah is Just Around the Corner

Something thoughtful but not too over the top. Something useful but not ordinary. Something exciting but not extravagant. The thought process of the typical shopper, everyone is going through it, searching for gifts for the people on their list that are impossible to shop for…. UGH! MixMatchMusic may be able to help you out. MobBase is the perfect gift for the musician on your list. MobBase (which was released a few weeks ago by MixMatchMusic) is a platform that can be used by musicians to connect with their fans through their own personally customized iPhone app! This not only lets them brand themselves in the industry, but will also allow them to easily sell their music, concert tickets, merchandise, as well as keep their fans connected to their blogs, twitter, photos, videos, etc. all through their phone. We’ve turned this incredible service into a perfect gift. Talk about the the gift that keeps on giving.

MixMatchMusic has put together a MobBase holiday gift package for the special musician in your life. The package allows them to create, launch and maintain their own iPhone app for 3 months and for you, at a discounted rate! The best thing is, you can order it online.

The MobBase Holiday Gift Pack includes:
* One custom iPhone app ($20 value)
* Exactly the features and functionality musicians want & need
* Infinite customization (for all practical purposes, anyway)
* Three months of basic MobBase service ($45 value)
* Unlimited love from suddenly connected fans
* A MobBase gift certificate to put under the tree

All for only $50!

See full details here

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