The Metermaids Announce Remix Contest Winners

For the past five weeks, the Metermaids hosted a remix contest inviting fans to submit remixed versions of their song “Nightlife.” With the contest coming to an end, the Metermaids selected two prize-winning submissions. The grand prize winner receives a copy of Reason 4, a Metermaids remix track featured as a free download on iTunes, and another remix track featured on the Metermaids’ MySpace page and official website. The runner up receives two signed copies of the Metermaids album Nightlife, two Metermaids t-shirts, and Metermaids stickers.

The winning remixes, chosen by the Metermaids themselves, feature an eclectic range of production aesthetics and willingness by contestants to breathe new life into the Metermaids’ music. The grand prize winner’s remix, created by user System: C, features a sped up tempo from the original song, complete with a rave bassline and classic pinball sound effects. The runner up’s remix, created by user ALB 33, is an ambient groove characterized by its echoing guitar chords and airy synth drones, complemented well by a jazzy hip-hop drumbeat that gives the remix its driven pulse.

Grand Prize winner — System : C (listen to the remix here)
Runner up — ALB33 (listen to the remix here)

Also, check out these two mashup vids the Metermaids made for two tracks from Nightlife In Illinoise, featuring footage from a 1980s BMX movie and some campy ’70s TV shows.


2 Responses to “The Metermaids Announce Remix Contest Winners”

  1. 1 lg23 February 12, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    Hang on…. that’s not just A 80’s MOVIE… that’s RAD!!! It’s THE 80’s movie!!! HA!!

  2. 2 darren bartz April 19, 2009 at 11:57 am

    the remixes were horrible, sound like video games or cheap porn music. LMAO

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