Artist Spotlight: Slightly Stoopid (“Closer to the Sun”)

slightlystoopid-band-2005 It’s safe to say that Slightly Stoopid does for music fans what Sublime did for fans in the 90s. They are the current leaders of a genre they helped define: brah brah. Today. they are releasing a previously unheard version of “Closer to the Sun” on Twitter,  from their Slightly Not Stoned Enough To Eat Breakfast Yet album. You can listen to it here.

The Slightly Stoopid story can be traced to before their Controlled Substance Sound Labs days in Ocean Beach, California, when childhood chums Miles and Kyle formed the group in 1995, mixing reggae and punk sounds into one smooth stylistic cocktail. Soon after, late/great Sublime frontman Brad Nowell caught wind of the group, and signed them to his Skunk Records label – while the band members were still in high school.

Illustrating the perfect underground success story (and a testament to the new music model), Slightly Stoopid, and their label Stoopid Records, has become a case study in how to ‘make it’ without the aid of radio or MTV circa the early 21 st century. Slightly Stoopid is all the proof you’ll need to show that once and for all, with hard work, new technology and file-sharing, die-hard fans, and the right tunes, anything is possible. The group – which features Miles Doughty (Guitar, Bass, Vocals), Kyle McDonald (Guitar, Bass, Vocals), Ryan ‘RyMo’ Moran (Drums), C-Money (Trumpet, Keyboard), DeLa (Saxophone), and Oguer ‘OG’ Ocon (Congas, Percussion, Harp, Vocals) – has built a large n’ loyal fan base, who are lovingly known as either Stoopidheads or Ese Locos.

In 2008, the band released their first-ever ‘odds and ends’ collection, Slightly Not Stoned Enough to Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid – the group’s newest release for their growing label, Stoopid Records. Seemingly always on the move, there appears to be no slowing down in sight for Slightly Stoopid, and according to band, that’s precisely what fuels the group’s creativity. “For us, the most important thing in the future, we just want to stay busy and always playing music – whether creating, touring, or just sitting on your couch and jamming. I think we’ll always be recording. And just have fun – without the fun part, it ain’t worth it.”

Check out the video to their new single “2am” here.


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  1. 1 RW Rush in Austin February 12, 2009 at 4:53 pm

    this is what i think heaven sounds like

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