MixMatchMusic Acquires Mix2r


MixMatchMusic™ announced today its acquisition of Mix2r. The combination creates one of the premier sites for internet-based music collaboration, discovery and fan engagement, and provides tools to help artists monetize their music.

MixMatchMusic, which launched this past September and already has a library of more than 2500 stems used by thousands of artists and fans, enables musicians to collaborate on, profit from and engage fans with their music. Mix2r, founded in 2005, enables electronica artists to upload completed songs and allows others to create derivative works from those songs. Mix2r’s community of thousands of musicians, DJs and fans features more than 6200 songs and music stems.

Stems of guitar, bass, drums, keys and other instruments are the building blocks of songs. Both sites encourage mash ups and remixes of stems to create new songs, ring tones and music.

“MixMatchMusic’s combination with Mix2r adds a lot of dynamic new music to our library and brings us closer to the critical mass of stems and community needed to fuel our next stage of growth,” said Charles Feinn, MixMatchMusic co-founder and CEO. “This combination also brings us Mix2r founders Duane Nickull and Matt MacKenzie, two exceptional serial entrepreneurs and technologists who join our Board of Directors.”

“Emerging and indie artists win as a result of this combination,” said Nickull. “The breadth and depth of content and the number of people contributing to it adds energy and creativity to the community, and that in turn will attract more people and more great music.”

Nickull, who is a well known senior technical evangelist for Adobe, said the Mix2r site uses Adobe® Flash® Platform technologies including Adobe Flash, Flex and Adobe® AIR™. These technologies, which are critical to Web-based online collaboration, will be used to create future versions of the combined site.

Nickull co-founded Mix2r with Matt Mackenzie, with whom he previously co-founded Yellow Dragon Software Corporation (acquired by Adobe in 2003), and XML Global Technologies (publicly traded, acquired by Xenos Group in 2003).

Mix2r content joins with existing MixMatchMusic content to become one of the largest sources of stems, works in progress and other musical content available for collaboration among artists. The dynamic Mix2r forum will also become a part of MixMatchMusic as the sites and companies are combined in 2009. Mix2r Members will be immediately granted access to MixMatchMusic.com content under the MixMatchMusic license terms.

Participation in the MixMatchMusic community and use of its MixMaker audio sequencer are free to musicians and casual fans alike. Fees are incurred when stems, works in progress or finished songs are downloaded for sale or other use.

About MixMatchMusic
MixMatchMusic was founded to serve the needs of millions of independent and semi-professional musicians. Its services, technologies and community enable musicians to collaborate on, profit from and engage fans with their music.

MixMatchMusic is based in Silicon Valley and is angel-backed. Mix2r.com was completely funded by its founders and has taken no VC investments.

1 Response to “MixMatchMusic Acquires Mix2r”

  1. 1 Duane Chaos January 13, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    Very cool!!!! We are excited!!!!

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