IKEA Invites You Into the Closet

You’ve got to give some serious props to the Swedes for their many clever Absolut ads over the years. For nostalgic browsing click here and here. Or join the Absolut Ad Collectors on Facebook if you’re a true fan. But besides Absolut, the Swedish bikini team, ABBA, Volvo, and of course the infamous Swedish meatballs, what else have the wily Scandinavians brought to mainstream culture?

IKEA! The furniture giant has always been rather innovative with their marketing, but a recent campaign of theirs is notable in that it allows consumers to interact with the ad online.

They invite the viewer to simply “Come Into The Closet”. These videos display Ikea products in the background while the people’s movements are controlled by sound. You can click through the various rooms and watch them go, upload the song of your choice instead, or even play the drums (on your keyboard) or sing/tap/whistle into the microphone! Click on “smart storage solutions” below the video to view close-ups of specific items.

In this era of information overload where savvy consumers are jaded with traditional advertising, it takes creative thinking – like providing interactive experiences for consumers – to stand out. This trend does not show any signs of slowing down and that can only mean good things for the new music industry, which is sagely capitalizing on opportunities provided by new media.

Here are a few IKEA commercials that demonstrate their willingness to push the envelope.


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