Mother F*cking Bill & Andrew Show


Two assholes with microphones or… Bill and Andrew. However you address them they’re a rather new underground podcast based out of DC and they’re funny as hell. They met about 4 years ago, hit it off and have been bickering at each other ever since. Bill and Andrew are in their second season of their podcast. In show 2.4 they unleashed a theme song contest hosted by MixMatchMusic’s Remix Wizard. The big prize?? Bragging rights and a nifty and very rare Bill and Andrew Show t-shirt. Observe…

Thanks to OnTapOnline for the picture!

Thanks to OnTapOnline for the picture!

Think you have what it takes to create a catchy theme song for the show? There are one of 2 ways you can participate.

1) If you have audio editing tools we suggest downloading the stems from the widget, mixing your own song and uploading it to Bill and Andrew’s “Theme Show Contest” widget. Take a listen to the songs already submitted to the “Theme Show Contest” on the front page of Bill and Andrew’s web site as well as on the front page of and the Remix Wizard gallery.

2) Go to Bill and Andrew’s profile on Check out their uploaded content. Add it to the MixMaker. Collaborate with other artists to make a theme song. Download it and upload the song to the contest widget. This is what I did. Check it out HERE.

Good luck… happy mixing!!

Join B&A on Facebook.

To listen to episode 2.4 when the contest was introduced.

To listen to my favorite episode with Paul “The Man on the Street.”

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