Remix Throw Me the Statue’s “Yucatan Gold”

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to remix some serious indie-electro pop! For those of you that read Evolving Music, you’re probably quite familiar with Throw Me the Statue and their debut release Moonbeams. Read our review of it here, or read an interview with TMTS frontman Scott Reitherman here.

Well now, the TMTS boys want you to remix “Yucatan Gold”! Moonbeams is a rich indie blend of textures that range from indie pop, to psych-folk and art rock. Yucatan Gold takes the album into an electronic direction, and proves to be the album’s edgiest track. Full of drum machines, synths, and industrial lap-top layers, parts of the song are reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails, while others are what Weezer would song like if they went electro (do it!). What will your remix sound like?

TMTS recently dropped a video for Yucatan Gold (see below), and they are currently on tour. Be sure to check them out in your town so that you can pick up their new Purpleface EP, which you can only get on tour.

Go here to download the stems to Yucatan Gold, or to make remixes in the online MixMaker. When you’re done, be sure to upload your remix for others to check out! Or, just go listen to, vote on, and share the remixes.


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