MixMatchMusic: Now Open to the Public

As ACtual mentioned earlier, this morning MixMatchMusic officially launched at DEMOfall ’08. Yes. We are now live. Public beta is up and running and ready for your music!

DEMO, the “launchpad for emerging technology”, is a big deal for those of us who reside in StartUpVille and we are excited to be among those represented at an event of this caliber. Video from all the presentations will be available here. Also, check out some of the initial photos on Flickr.

For those of you who are not totally dialed in to the MixMatch magic yet, check out the press release and see our About MixMatchMusic video:

You can also find this video, as well as the separate chapters of it, on MySpace, on the site, and on Facebook. Feel free to spread the word to anyone and everyone who loves emerging technology, music, and social media, and wants to help DIY and indie musicians to revolutionize the music industry.

Check out what people are saying over at CNET and Wired. You can also go to our Press Room for recent coverage.

Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm and support. We are elated to have come this far and can’t wait to see what the future brings. For all you musicians out there, roll up your sleeves, get out your instruments, start recording and show us what you got! Non-musicians, come explore the community, discover great new music, and even make music (without knowing how to play an instrument).

A big thanks also to all our ambassadors and evangelists who spread the MixMatch love like it’s nobody’s business. Join the social music movement and help us get the word out to the people who need these tools by digging, posting, twittering, bookmarking, linking, emailing, texting or whatever your preferred social media methods are. Or for the more old fashioned among you carrier pigeons, smoke signals, bat signals, handwritten letters and what not.

The industry revolution starts now. Brace yourselves.


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