Jack Johnson Goes Green

Jack Johnson

A headline on the cover of Fast Company caught my attention today: “Jack Johnson‘s Green Music Machine”. The “surf crooner” as they call him in the article – who I can kind of say was once my boss…indirectly…back when I used to work with these guys – is way ahead of most of his musical peers when it comes to the green movement. He is not only setting a good example for his fans, but also encouraging them to take immediate action and providing them with opportunities to do so.

Whether you like his music or not, it’s hard not to applaud him for the impact he’s making by insisting on environmentally responsible behavior from his people and his fans. Here are some examples that I found in various places:

– Recorded his new album, Sleep Through The Static, using solar energy and printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper- Part of 1% For The Planet

– Mandates that his concert promoters recycle and buy carbon offsets

– Launched All At Once, a “social action network” where his fans can support environmental nonprofits

– Runs his buses on biodiesel

– Matches audience contributions up to $2,500 per charity

– Sets up a Village Green at every show

– Leftover food donated to local food banks

– VIP parking for hybrid cars

– Water stations for people who bring refillable water bottles

Sara Snow, from TreeHugger, got a closer look at what Village Green is like on the inside and how it all works. Check out the video at the end of her article.


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