The Black Keys @ The 9:30 Club, DC

Last night I attended The Black Keys concert at the world famous 9:30 Club in DC. The Keys are on a small US tour promoting their new album. It was the second of two sold out shows in a row. Freakin’ packed on a Tuesday night, unreal. So yes… I should have brought my camera but it sooo didn’t fit in my purse. Sorry, that was pretty lame/girly of me but… it’s true. You’ll have to excuse the pic. It was taken with my phone. Although, I felt a picture was very important.

30 Club, DC

You see, I saw The Black Keys probably a year and a half ago. Same club, same night of the week. Probably a quarter of the fans that showed up last night were there. The stage was literally set up with nothing but a drum set and mic stand with bright white lights beaming on them. Last night was a whole different story. They had crazy 70’s style rock n’ roll lights, a huge blow up “Good Year” looking tire that said, “The Black Keys – Akron, OH” and their drum set was crazy electric sparkle blue. Basically, since they’ve signed with Warner Brothers their live performance has stepped up a notch. Usually, I get upset at this but it did them well. They’re truly musicians, not much of a stage presence if you’re a band wagon fan. Seriously, the singer’s guitar skills alone had me captivated. For those who just wanted to get drunk, bob their heads and twitter to their friends… the dog and pony show was necessary. The lights and background definitely added a new ambiance that wasn’t there before.

By the way, there was this shirt at the merch stand…. it was fantastic. Nothing but a black t-shirt with iron-on, white, crushed velvet, block letters that said, “The Black Keys Akron Ohio.” OH, here it is. My birthday is June 23rd.

Stay tuned… MixMatch may be working with this raw rock n’ roll duo soon! More to come on that.

Thanks, to everyone that read my very first post!


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