Beta Testers, Musicians: Uncle MixMatch Wants You!

Uncle SamFor months now, you, the devoted and kind, have followed this blog with a sense of excitement and expectation. Ok, maybe you haven’t, but that’s certainly how I would have followed it if I were you! And in all these months of posts, you’ve probably noticed both my subtle and blatant references to MMM, mixmatch, MixMatchers, mix match music and the art of mixing and matching. And for all these months, those terms have been, for the most part, largely theoretical, as they spoke to a mindset and practice that had yet to be launched. While I am merely a voice among voices here on a blog about evolving websites and hence evolving music, sponsored by the folks at MMM, I have no direct interaction with the process they have been going through to bring you the product that I so clandestinely promote.

Well “the time has come,” the rabbit said, “to talk of many things!” No longer is the idea of MixMatchMusic theoretical. No longer is the soul and thought behind such a great task and opportunity some shiftless, vaporous entity floating somewhere in the ether of cyberspace. No, my friends, the time has come when we can truly, without reservation or hesitation, throw our hands to the sky in exultant triumph and scream those magic works, “¡Viva La MixMatch!” Now you can create a profile and start right in using the innovative MixMatch sequencer and 1,000s of mBits to make your own music on your home computer. has finally opened its doors for beta testers. While it cannot yet take the full force of users that it will one day soon support, it can be opened to you now by request. If you’re a friend of the makers of MixMatch or a musician that is looking to get involved early and help out with the process of cleaning it up before a full scale public launch to assault all conventional musicians and label executives everywhere, we’re looking for you! So if you’re one of these people, and the MixMatch project is calling your name, shoot me an email here and we’ll get you set-up for the beta test and your first steps into the new and exciting world of MixMatchMusic.


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