You and Your Brain

Here are a few brain-related things to think about today:

Chimps vs. Humans

I’ve always been jealous of people lucky enough to have eidetic memories, but now I get to jealous of young chimps too. Great. For more on this story, click here.

The Spinning Lady Illusion


Many of you have probably already tried this. I found the observations in this blog entry (and some of the comments) more insightful than many of the other spinning lady links I checked, which merely use the image as a right brain vs. left brain test. At first I was stuck on counter-clockwise, but she suddenly changed directions while I was reading below the image that “our brains did not evolve to interpret two-dimensional representations of the world but the actual three-dimensional world. So our visual processing assumes we are looking at a 3-D image and it uses clues to interpret it as such.” It’s kind of awesome once you can control which way she spins!


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