Who is Actual? Who are these writers? Why should I care?

These might be your first three questions. Your fourth question might be, “Who does this guy think he is? Every other blogger on here has a real name.” Unless, of course, you followed me here from a link or post on the CellarD blog. For those that have, welcome to the MMM blog serving you all things tasty and musical. MMM’s blog is running full speed now with a mix/match of musical contributors bringing you a wide assortment of content, perspective and writing styles. Now, with numerous authors, the MMM blog will match and mix and music more than any music and mix and match before it. I’ve been asked to contribute, and I revel in the idea of adding my two cents anywhere it might be added to 98 other cents. Dollars are good. But, your time is worth more than a cent, or even five hundred cents, and another question lingering in the back of your mind has to be: “Why should I read this guy’s posts?” Well, I know your time is valuable too, which is why I wouldn’t be here, spending my time writing and your time reading, if I didn’t think I could contribute.

With that in mind, here are my credentials as a blogger/music fan: former radio DJ, former radio Programming Director, CD collection of more than 1200, iPod of over  9,000 songs, fan of everything but country. I’m also a habitual blogger myself logging 200 posts and over 3,900 page views since March of last year (you can email me if you want the link…in my never ending quest for internet anonymity and my non-contractual contractual agreement with MMM, we’ve decided not to post it here). I don’t think that’s a lot, but it at least shows that some people, somewhere, do care. Even if all of them are related to me. In other words, I’m a huge music fan that runs the genre spectrum with a dedicated blog readership and a tendency to rant. What’s not to enjoy?

So sit back and relax…pull up your favorite bean bag chair and that frosty Rockstar (or Vitamin water if you prefer that type of thing) and get reading. You have more than four music-loving college-educated fun-seeking concert-going slightly literate bloggers here to entertain and educate you on all that is matched and mixed out in the world. I suggest you read all of our posts or face a lifetime of ignorance and potential failure, but you can always find our individual posts on the tidy categories section on the right side there. I think it’s pretty nifty, and I think you’ll agree. ¡Viva La MixMatch!


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